Tower History

Date Action
2001 Submit plans to the city for 40' bracketed Rohn tower
2001 Schedule meeting with zoning board (8/16/2001)
8/16/2001 Thursday Variance denied ... torrens deed issues (brought up by evil neighbor lady ... we'll call her Ms. Valente).
8/22/2001 Wednesday Contact lawer to get torrens deed issues resolved ... deed restrictions expired (Evil Lady lied!).
9/17/2001 Thursday Evil lady says that power company doesn't recommend putting tower 16 feet from power lines .. meeting delayed until next month to get CEI engineer to look it over.
10/18/2001 Thursday Attorney Bob Winston (W2THU) attends meeting, Evil Lady doesn't show up... Statement from CEI claims that they have no problems with my proposal ... they just want me to stay 10 feet away from the power lines (Evil Lady lied again!). Zoning Board approves my variance.
10/26/2001 Friday I start digging the 2x2x4 foot hole for my tower at 6:30am and finish by 10am with the help of coworker Bob Naab. I have the building inspector come over and he gives me the go ahead to continue work.
10/27/2001 Saturday I get up at 7am, drive to Yougstown to pick up cement mixer, come back with Mom, Dad, and nephew Chris Reppy and start mixing cement. We finish it up at about 3:30 ... in time for me to get ready for work.
10/ /2001 Wednesday Appeal by Evil Lady ... Stop work order issued
12/20/2001 Thursday Appeal meeting thrown out ... Evil Lady said that she didn't want to appeal (??) ... tower ok to put up
1/3/2002 Thursday Recieved notice from Brooklyn City Hall that it was ok to put up the tower
9/10/2002 Tuesday Tower is finally erected with the help of Dad, Mom, Hal Braschwitz (W8PN) and Chris Riethmiller
9/13/2002 Friday Ran the Coax and Rotator Cable up the Tower and Tensioned the Guy Lines
9/16/2002 Monday First contact with new tower and antenna ... RX4CD in Russia
9/24/2002 Tuesday Building Inspector comes over to approve tower ... everything ok