Randy L. Betke
4742 Southwood Drive
Brooklyn, Ohio 44144-3148
Telephone: 216-741-4939
email: randy@betke.net
web page: http://www.betke.net


  • Crestview High School, Columbiana, Ohio. Graduated May 1976.
  • Kent State University, Salem Campus, Salem, Ohio. Associate Degree in Telecommunications Technology, May 1978.
  • University of Akron, Akron, Ohio. Associate Degree in Electronic Technology, May 1979.
  • University of Akron, Akron, Ohio. Finished all but the last semester in the B.S.E.T. program.
  • CMX ORROX, Santa Clara, California. CMX 340X (pdp11 based) Computerized Videotape Editor Maintenance School. Completed Coarse November 1981.
  • Hubcom, St. Petersburgh, Florida. Satellite News Gathering Truck Operations. Completed May 1986.
  • Panasonic Broadcast Systems Company, Syracuse, New York. AU-400 VTR Maintenance. Completed December 1989.
  • Windows NT Seminar, Indianapolis, Indiana. Week long seminar about Windows NT Server. Completed September 1996.
  • HDTV Seminar, Raleigh, North Carolina. Week long seminar about high definition TV. Completed April 1999.
  • Avstar, Madison, WI. Week long sysop training on the Avstar newsroom computer system. Completed September 2000.
  • Avid, Tewksbury, MA. Week long maintenance training on the Avid Unity. Passed the ACSR certification test. Completed October 2002.
  • Skywarn weather spotter training. Skywarn Spotter #035-165. Completed March 25, 2003

    Work Experience

  • WFAH AM (1310) & FM (92.5) Radio (June 1978-January 1980) Part-time engineer responsible for taking transmitter readings, loading the computer automation system, and doing light maintenance. (WFAH-FM later became WDJQ-FM then WZKL-FM ... WFAH-AM became WDPN-AM)
  • WNEO Ch 45/WEAO Ch 49 (December 1978-August 1982) Part-time engineer responsible for taking transmitter readings, on air operating, and VPR-2B videotape player maintenance.
  • WKBN-TV Ch 27 (January 1980-December 1984) Started in operations, then was promoted to maintenance engineer November 1981. Responsibilities included the maintenance of the "in house" one inch edit suite. This included a Grass Valley 1600-1L switcher, a Grass Valley MKII DVE, and a CMX 340X computer editor. November 1982 was promoted to Technical Director.
  • Spectrum Video (December 1983-May 1992) Provide maintenance assistance when needed.
  • WKYC-TV Ch 3 (WKYC-DT Ch 2) (December 1984-present) Maintenance engineer for NBC owned and operated station. Responsibilities included the maintenance of HL-79, HL-95, NEC SP3A, AQ-20, HK-323, and DNW-9 cameras; AU-400, AU-650, AU-660, and BetaSX videotape machines; GV-1600, GV-300, and GV-100 switchers; Various computer systems running Windows 95/98, Windows NT Server and Workstation, Windows 2000 Professional and Server, VMS, and Unix. Did various satellite uplinks for NBC owned and operated stations (Democratic Convention, Iowa Caucus, Plane Crash in Nebraska, Jeffery Daumer, etc.) and worked RF, utility, and audio assist for several NBC Sports remotes. Tried to talk the station into getting on the web ... they thought it was a stupid idea. They're now on the web (several years later)!!
  • WKYC-TV Ch 3 (WKYC-DT Ch 2) (January 2001) Station moved to a brand new building. (Won an Emmy in "Technical Achivement" for the station move and the conversion to digital). Responsibilities include the maintenance of our Avid Unity system and Inews newsroom computer system.
  • NABET-CWA Local 42 (1994-June 2000) Treasurer of Local 42. Responsible for over $400,000 in the treasury.
  • NABET-CWA Local 42 (1998-Present) Webmaster for Local 42.


  • Age: 45; Height: 5'8"; Weight: 170 pounds; Health: Excellent; Married
  • Hobbies: Bicycling, Amateur Radio, Flying, and Computers (pdp11, MicroVAX and Alpha .. -No- Intel inside!!)
  • License: General Radiotelephone License with Radar Endorsement, Advanced Amateur Radio License (KA8GYT August 1979 til December 2000 when I changed it to K8RLB, then to KD8RB on January 2001), upgraded to an Extra Class license on March 25, 2001, Private Pilot License, and Avid ACSR.
  • Interests: VMS, VAX clusters, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Computer Networking, Linux.

    Computer Fun!

  • 1979 .. Got a Radio Shack Model 1 computer .. my first home computer. (Z80 CPU)
  • 1980 .. Wrote some small pdp-8 machine language programs at Akron University.
  • 1980 .. Ran fortran programs on an IBM 370 using punch cards.
  • Nov 1990 ..My first use of the internet. I got an account on Cleveland Freenet.
  • 1993 .. Set up my first home network using MicroVAX II's and a serial line.
  • 1994 .. Set up a personal web page at NYX.
  • 1994 .. Set up a Local Area VaxCluster at home using MicroVAX II's.
  • Mar 21, 1995 ..Set up a UUCP feed to my home computer for email (rcc.apk.net). (MicroVAX 3500) Used this feed until December 1999 when I registered my own domain.
  • Set up web server software at home. I have my first HWW (House Wide Web!!) on an Alpha running NT 4.0 Server.
  • Installed Linux on an Alpha AXPpci33. I now have a Linux machine on my home network. (My first 64 bit operating system)
  • Feb. 1998 .. Registered the domain "nabet42.org" and created a web page for NABET Local 42.
  • Dec. 1999 .. Registered the domain "betke.net" and created a personal web page.
  • Jan. 1, 2000 .. Survived Y2K with -no- problems! My car even started *smile*
  • Aug. 2001 .. Loaded VMS 7.2 on my AlphaStation 200 ... Bill Gates thinks that I shouldn't be using Windows NT on my Alpha (discontinued support), and I agree!
  • Nov. 2002 .. Got a cable modem and router for some serious internet browsing!
  • Jan. 2003 .. Got my first dual processor computer for home (Intel ISP2150).